Schauspielhaus Graz

After a record construction time of less than two years, Schauspielhaus Graz was inaugurated on 9 September 1776. At that time, it was a medieval, provincial theatre, which was planned and erected by the “scenic master mason“ from Graz and future court architect, Joseph Hueber.
In a fire at Christmas in 1823, the theatre completely burnt out, except for the main and central walls, but was reconstructed according to the plans of the court architect Peter von Nobile, and reopened in 1825. The most famous actor in this era was Johann Nestroy.
In 1953, the opera house was closed as a result of building regulations. After renovations that preserved the historical part, and with a new fly tower, it reopened in 1964 with “Hamlet“, starring Helmuth Lohner. Since then, Schauspielhaus has been dedicated to spoken theatre and is an integral part of the Austrian cultural scene.
When no performances or rehearsals are taking place, this beautiful building is also available for the most diverse events.
Room layout
Foyer – for receptions, celebrations, concerts, gala dinners, and much more:
* Entrance foyer
* Redoutensaal
* Smoking Room, first circle
* Smoking Room, third circle

Auditorium – for complete performances on the stage:
* with proscenium (in front of the Iron Curtain)
* with the complete stage

in addition:
* Rehearsal Stage
Seating capacity
* Auditorium: up to 564 people
* Entrance foyer: up to 250 people
* Redoutensaal: up to 350 people
* Smoking Room, first circle: up to 90 people
* Smoking Room, third circle: up to 90 people
* Rehearsal Stage: up to 200 people
Technical equipment
As you would expect of a modern theatre, Schauspielhaus Graz has the best equipment in terms of lighting, sound, electrical equipment, communications technology. We are happy to provide specific answers to your inquiries.
We are happy to work out a specific offer, suited to your requirements.
Additional services
Scenery, costumes, ticket sales, event equipment

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